Donor Testimonials

There has been a wide range of donors, from all walks of life. Their efforts have helped make the Endowment Fund a success.




The Trinity Art Gallery in the Shenkman Arts Centre“The Trinity Foundation was proud to support the ARTicipate Endowment Fund through our initial donation that resulted in the naming of Trinity Art Gallery. The Shenkman Arts Centre is fast becoming a true community gathering place for a broad variety of arts-themed activities. As a donor, you not only want to help start something great, you also want to provide that initiative with continued support.” Mariette MacIsaac, Administrator, Trinity Foundation



Long-time arts supporter, Sheila Watts, as she struggled with a terminal illness, chose the ARTicipate Endowment Fund to be one of the benefactors of her In Memorial donations. Her kind and selfless gesture raised over $1,100.

“I donated in memory of my Mom, who loved music and dance. I am a visual artist myself and I believe artistic venues of all kinds add joy to the lives of many. Without places like the Shenkman Arts Centre there would be a little less joy in our lives. With so many funding pressures on governments at all levels these days, I think we all need to do our part to keep the arts and the joy alive.” Doreen Dyet, Visual Artist, Friend of the Shenkman Arts Centre

Mme Thérèse St-Jean made a donation in memory of her daughter, Élizabeth St-Jean Savoie.


AOE individual and group members, many of whom do not have great financial resources, gave to the campaign because they believe in what we are doing for the community and the Centre.

Members of the Community look for their name on the ARTicipate Donor Wall

“When you donate to the arts, in a way, you're giving to yourself. The entire community benefits from the presence of the Shenkman Arts Centre, and they're not just the obvious economic benefits of raised property values because the area becomes more desirable to live in. I believe the benefits are deeper and more profound, because the arts enliven us, enrich us, provoke, prod and delight us, and sustain and nourish us in countless ways. Having the Shenkman Arts Centre here in Orléans has already raised the energy of our community to a more playful, vibrant and joyful level and I'm thrilled to do my small part to help.”  Rachna Gilmore, Author, Friend of the Shenkman Arts Centre

Many parents donated on behalf of a child, a son or daughter who loves the arts and takes classes at the Centre in drama, visual arts or pottery.  




Jeff Stellick at the Orléans Campus of the Ottawa School of Art at the Shenkman Arts Centre

“The Ottawa School of Art strongly supports the ARTicipate campaign because it is a great vehicle for supporting arts and culture in Orléans. The ARTicipate campaign will provide funds for the immediate operational needs of the partners at the Shenkman Arts Centre and will provide a stable source of revenue supporting the long-term development of arts and culture in Orléans and at the Shenkman Arts Centre. It’s the solid base on which current activities are being established and from which future activities and plans can grow. It’s a great means by which people can contribute to the nurturing of culture in their community and the donations people make will continue to have an impact for many years to come. OSA strongly supports the campaign and encourages everyone to contribute to it.” Jeff Stellick, Executive Director, Ottawa School of Art  


Submit your own testimonial, email us. Tell us why you donated to the ARTicipate Endowment Fund and why the arts are important to you.

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