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Management of the ARTicipate Endowment Fund has been spearheaded by Arts Network Ottawa (formerly AOE Arts Council) since the Fund’s inception in 2007. The Fund is run by committed Arts Network Ottawa staff.

The amazing success that the Fund has been achieved would never have been possible without the continued efforts of our ARTicipate Ambassadors, volunteers, and the Shenkman Arts Centre Resident Arts Partners.

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There is more than one way to ARTicipate – join our team! We are always looking for more volunteers to contribute their time or talents to the campaign. You can help by spreading the word about the ARTicipate Endowment Fund.

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Arts Network Ottawa

Arts Network Ottawa is a dynamic not-for-profit organization that works with the community to develop partnerships, audiences, information, and visibility for the arts. It supports Ottawa artists and arts organizations through programs, resources and services. Since its inception, the council continues to evolve in response to the needs of its membership and the community it serves. Read more about Arts Network Ottawa.

Shenkman Arts Centre Resident Arts Partners

The Resident Arts Partners in the Shenkman Arts Centre bring dynamic and engaging arts programs to the Centre for learners and participants of all ages. There are five resident arts partners, they are:

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Make Art Accessible

The more it grows, the more it gives

“It’s been a long journey. The Shenkman Arts Centre, twenty years in the making, is a testament to an incredible amount of hard work by a lot of people who never gave up on the vision or the dream. Today, as a result, we have an amazing multidisciplinary arts centre where artists and community can come together. The ARTicipate Endowment Fund is AOE’s way of helping to support innovation and quality arts activities within the Centre for generations to come.”

  • Christine Tremblay, past Executive Director, AOE Arts Council.

Read more about the history of the ARTicipate Endowment Fund.