Arts Network Ottawa (formerly: AOE Arts Council): Founder and Leader of the ARTicipate Endowment Fund

Arts Network Ottawa decided in 2007 to build an Endowment Fund to support artistic activity in the new Shenkman Arts Centre. Arts Network took on this task for one simple reason: to help sustain the arts in Ottawa. That decision has brought the community together in ways Arts Network never expected.

With the building of a new multi-disiplinary arts centre in Orléans, Arts Networksought a sustainable option to support the artists that would use this centre. Arts Network realized that a magnificent building, while a work of art in itself, would not be enough. “It is the audiences, the artistic activity that takes place in and around it that will truly make it a centre for the arts,” said Christine Tremblay, Executive Director of Arts Network. Arts Network felt a responsibility to ensure that financial resources would be available to nurture and inspire that artistic vision.

Christine Tremblay in the almost completed Shenkman Arts Centre

Arts Network's move into the Shenkman Arts Centre gave the ARTicipate Campaign momentum. The community answered the call for support with donations of all sizes. Also, many purchased naming opportunities within the Centre and seat sales in the Harold Shenkman Hall.

The generous support from the community has made the ARTicipate Endowment Fund success. That is why Arts Network has invested funds, countless volunteer and staff hours, along with their heart and soul into this initiative.

The business community, organizations, individuals, families, artists and arts groups all answered the call from Arts Network staff, board members, the ARTicipate cabinet and volunteer Community Ambassadors to donate and help build this Fund.

We thank all of these contributors for their support!

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“It’s been a long journey. The Shenkman Arts Centre, twenty years in the making, is a testament to an incredible amount of hard work by a lot of people who never gave up on the vision or the dream. Today, as a result, we have an amazing multidisciplinary arts centre where artists and community can come together. The ARTicipate Endowment Fund is AOE’s way of helping to support innovation and quality arts activities within the Centre for generations to come.”

  • Christine Tremblay, past Executive Director, AOE Arts Council.

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